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Breaking the cycle of bullying in the institutions of learning

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By Tshepo Mahlobogoane

Bullying is one of the negative societal elements that disrupts the normal functioning of students, since it can result in depression, anxiety, diminish students self-esteem, induce poor academic performance, dropping out of college or lead to suicides.  Bullying can be defined as any deliberate conduct aimed at humiliating someone who is vulnerable regardless of gender, race and age.  

There are various ways in which bullying can occur, amongst those are emotional, social, physical, verbal, cyber, sexual and seniority bullying. In many instances bullying can happen in a subtle manner, thus be difficult for the victims to notice and to report it. Hence, the need for educational awareness campaigns on bullying.  

In order to eradicate bullying in institutions of learning, a proactive and collective approach is needed. Proactive methods that can be implemented to effectively deal with bullying are continuous awareness campaigns on bullying, enacting of bullying policies.  Even if proactive methods are implemented, there will also be a need to compliment it with a collective approach. Collective approach to bullying, simply entails that it is the responsibility of every individual to ensure that these institutions become bully free environments.  

What to do when facing bullying at TNC

Those who are currently experiencing or have experienced bullying on and off campus can utilize the services of Campus Social Workers for psychosocial support. Furthermore, bullying in campuses can be reported to Student Support Services by anyone and necessary investigations or disciplinary measures shall be taken against those who perpetrate bullying.

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