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A student enrolling at the College assumes an obligation to conduct him/herself in a manner compatible with the College’s function as an educational institution.

Criteria for the DHET TVET college bursary scheme

  • Only South African citizens are eligible for this bursary scheme.
  • A student must be registered or intending to register on an NC (V) or Report 191 programme at any of the fifty (50) public TVET Colleges in South Africa.
  • In a need of financial assistance.
  • An ability to demonstrate potential for academic success / or proven academic performance (academically deserving); and Must not be enrolling for a qualification equivalent to previous learning that was funded.

Rules when applying for NSFAS bursaries
  • Returning NSFAS bursary beneficiaries who have had NO break in funding or studies and have progressed to the next level of the funded course, must NOT apply again.
  • NSFAS and Colleges WILL not accept incomplete bursary application forms from students.
  • Successful applicants must accept/ sign the schedule of Particulars (SoP) within 15 working days of receipt of notification from NSFAS. However should successful applicants fail to accept the SoP with 5 working days NSFAS must send a list of these students to the College for its intervention.
  • The first priority must always be to cover College fees and if there are funds still available, travel or accommodation allowance may be considered.
  • The release of student allowances for travel and accommodation must be dependent on the 80% minimum student class attendance for all subjects the student is registered for.
Minimum required documentation to apply for NFSAS bursaries
  • IDENTITY Document of the applicant (certified copy pf the student’s identity Document or certified copy of the birth certificate if not older than 18 years);
  • Registration documents (statement of results or academic record and a printed proof of registration);
  • Certified copies of identity documents of both parents or guardian spouse; certified copies of identity documents and / or certified copy of the death certificate if one or both parents is/ are deceased; an affidavit if the student does not know this whereabouts of one or both their parents.
  • Salary advice slips not older that three (3) months of the guardian or both parents; a South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) letter or pension slip if the guardian or parents are pensioners; an affidavit if the guardian or parents are unemployed.
  • Proof of residential address (In line with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 83 of 2001, NSFAS needs to obtain FICA documentation on first contact with the students. A certified copy of proof of address is required.Travel and Accommodation documents (if applicable) attached as copies of signed rental agreements.
  • Travel and Accommodation documents (if applicable) attached as copies of signed rental agreements.
  • In respect of an unemployed parent, it is the parent and not the student, who must submit an affidavits.

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