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2023 Graduation ceremony will be celebrated on the 22 September. - Please note, N1 Engineering programmes will no longer be offered from 2024 - Online Applications for 2024 intake will open from 15 September to 15 October 2023 PROGRAMME FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITY Cosmetology 2022 Enrolment Return to 100% face-to-face class attendance by lecturer and students

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? take a look at our frequently asked questions or gent in touch with us via email or call us on 012 401 1600

Nated Business Studies programmes are all semester programmes. A semester is a system that divides the year into two equal seasons, each semester is six months long. Applications for these programmes will open soon, dates to be announced in the coming weeks

No, TNC only allows for one application per application period.

To check your online application status you need to visit our student portal and login with your credentials. Visit Student portal

A Trimester is a system that divides the year into three equal seasons, each trimester is four months long. At TNC, all Nated engineering programmes are categorised into trimester seasons.

The Selection Process is an on-going process that begins on the first day of applications until a week after the closing date and all applicants will be contacted.

National Certificate (Vocational) programmes are year programmes and applications to enrol only open once in the last quarter of the year for the upcoming year.

No, the College will not be accepting any late applications at this time. Any changes will be announced at the right time.

TNC no more accept any hand delivered applications. ONLY Online Applications.

TNC does not offer Matric upgrade or re-write. No Public TVET College offers that.

TNC does not offer any form of accommodation at our six different campuses

It is a test designed to evaluate an applicant's general knowledge and proficiency in various programmes offered in the college. The results of these tests are used by the college to help advice prospective students on which programmes they are best suited in.

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