TNC 2024 graduation verification form Open from 10 June-15 August 2024 New NCV programmes at TNC - Mechatronics (Rosslyn Campus) and Primary Agriculture (Temba Campus). - Gazette on the phaseout of the NATED N1-N3 programmes (Click to view)

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Rosslyn Campus

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Rosslyn Campus

Tshwane North Technical and Vocational Education and Training College (TNC) is situated in the Greater Tshwane Metropolis of Gauteng. It consists of a corporate (Central) Office situated in the inner city of Pretoria and 6 Campuses: Mamelodi; Pretoria; Rosslyn; Soshanguve North; Soshanguve South and Temba. TNC five (5) campuses are with 25 KMs away from the central office, Temba Campus being the furthest at 41 KMs away.

Trimester programmes
Engineering studies: N1 - N6

Minimum admission requirements N1-N3: Grade 10 or Higher with Mathematics and Science N1 for N2;N2 for N3

No. Programme Availability Selection criteria
1. Mechanical engineering Full time Maths,Science & Mechanical Engineering - Grade 12
2. Electrical engineering Full time Maths,Science & Mechanical Engineering - Grade 12

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