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 Empowering the Future: NBI and Tshwane North TVET College Foster Growth in Engineering Skills and Entrepreneurship

On November 30, 2023, the National Business Initiative (NBI), in collaboration with Tshwane North TVET College (TNC) - Mamelodi Campus, marked a significant milestone in the journey of young individuals aspiring to enter the Installation, Repair, and Maintenance (IRM) workplaces. The collaborative effort culminated in an event aimed at presenting and awarding certificates of completion to students who successfully completed the skills program, particularly in the realm of "Ass Handyperson" skills.

The event celebrated the achievements of students who had undergone comprehensive training in installation, repair, and maintenance skills. The program not only equipped them with practical knowledge but also prepared them for the demands of the IRM industry. The certificates awarded on this occasion serve as a testament to their dedication and commitment to mastering the skills required for a successful entry into the workforce. Highlighting their commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship, NBI took a step further by providing incubation sessions for four engineering students who expressed a desire to embark on their own business ventures. This invaluable support is designed to guide and empower these budding entrepreneurs as they navigate the complexities of establishing and managing their enterprises in the engineering sector.

Recognizing the importance of Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in fostering economic growth, NBI unveiled acceleration programs tailored for those already operating in the field. These initiatives are specifically crafted to assist existing businesses in expanding their operations, increasing efficiency, and navigating the challenges that often accompany growth. In alignment with global efforts to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness, NBI's acceleration programs extend beyond traditional business growth strategies. The organization is dedicated to helping SMMEs obtain Green Cards, facilitating their transition to the green economy. This initiative underscores NBI's commitment to promoting environmentally responsible business practices and fostering a sustainable future.

The collaborative effort between NBI and Tshwane North TVET College at the Mamelodi Campus reflects a commitment to youth empowerment, skill development, and entrepreneurship in the engineering sector. By providing comprehensive training programs, incubation sessions, and acceleration programs, NBI is not only preparing individuals for successful careers but also nurturing the growth of small businesses with a keen focus on sustainability. This event serves as a beacon of hope for the future, where a skilled and entrepreneurial workforce can contribute significantly to the development of both the local community and the broader economy.


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