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Foodbank Donates Food Parcels to Students

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Foodbank Donates Food Parcels to Students

“This relationship and project with the Foodbank have been long established and thanks to the Foodbank for not giving up on us and our needy students” says Ms Cynthia Serage, Student Support Officer and Project Leader

Let us keep in mind that “A healthy body builds a healthy mind”.  The College exists within a community and is faced with the challenges brought about by the needs of the students from the community.  The needy students are encouraged to register with Student Support Services during the induction process taking place at the beginning of the year, and every trimester.

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These students are screened by the campus’ Student Support Services as well as the Social Workers from Foodbank to determine the levels of need. Once it is determined the list of the needy students is kept at the campus and Foodbank and added during the Trimesters when new student intake takes place.

The student leadership at the campus, SRC and Class representatives, are actively participating in this programme.  In January 2022 an announcement was made though the student leadership to encourage students to register for this programme.  Student Support Services will then provide more details in terms of how the programme works and when would the beneficiaries receive their parcels.

Foodbank provides these needy students with bulk food parcels containing nutritious food and vegetables to last them for a period of three (3) months. A big thank you to the Foodbank for always supporting the College, after so much hardships brought by the COVID 19 pandemic and the state of our economy.

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Soshanguve North Campus has made this institution proud of taking their Loco Parentis responsibility seriously and ensuring that the needy students stay in school.

“I do it for the needy students with passion and nothing will stop me to fulfil my passion. I would like to encourage my colleagues to emulate this passion and do it for the students”: Ms Cynthia Serage.


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