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Netherland Visit

Strengthening Global Ties: TNC Mamelodi Campus Welcomes Dutch Embassy Delegation

In a significant moment of international collaboration, TNC Mamelodi Campus recently had the honor of hosting a delegation from the Embassy of the Netherlands. The distinguished visitors included Mr. Jurriaan Middelhoff, Dutch Youth Ambassador; Sander Egberink, Intern in Political Affairs; and Berto Bosscha. Their purposeful visit aimed to bridge the gap between students worldwide and Dutch policies, ensuring that the voices of the youth are not only heard but also recognized.


The meeting served as a platform for constructive dialogue between the visiting delegation and representatives from the Central office, lecturers, and skill students at TNC Mamelodi Campus. This exchange of ideas and perspectives emphasized the importance of fostering an inclusive and global approach to education and policymaking. Dutch Youth Ambassador, Mr. Jurriaan Middelhoff, played a pivotal role in championing the cause of students around the world. His commitment to amplifying the voices of the youth and advocating for their recognition in Dutch policies was evident throughout the discussions.


The delegation's visit underscores a commitment to recognizing the diverse experiences and opinions of students globally. By engaging with TNC Mamelodi Campus, the Dutch Embassy is actively working towards ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of students from different corners of the world are considered in the formulation of policies. The interaction between the Dutch Embassy delegation and the TNC community highlighted the importance of inclusive policymaking, where the experiences of students from various backgrounds are considered. This approach not only enriches the policy discourse but also contributes to creating a more equitable and understanding global community.

The presence of Dutch Youth Ambassador, Mr. Jurriaan Middelhoff, emphasizes the role of youth in shaping the future. By actively involving young people in the policymaking process, the Embassy of the Netherlands is empowering them to be catalysts for positive change. The visit to TNC Mamelodi Campus aligns with the shared vision of creating a world where the youth are not just recipients of policies but active contributors to their development. The collaborative effort between the two entities serves as an inspiration for educational institutions globally to actively engage with diplomatic missions to ensure that the voices of their students are heard on an international stage.

The visit by the Embassy of the Netherlands to TNC Mamelodi Campus marks a significant step towards global cooperation in education and policymaking. By acknowledging and valuing the perspectives of students, the Dutch Embassy reaffirms its commitment to creating policies that are not only informed but also enriched by the diverse experiences of the youth. This exchange sets a positive precedent for future collaborations between educational institutions and diplomatic missions, fostering a more inclusive and globally aware approach to shaping the future.

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