Lorna Molopyane


“If anyone had told me I’ll one day tour the United States of America (USA), Mexico, Hawaii and Europe as a career, I would have laughed it off. A lot of people, especially our peers who are in other institutions of higher education, have a tendency of underestimating TVET Colleges. There is this misperception that colleges are for those who are a bit slow in mind, which is absolutely wrong.

When I registered at the Tshwane North Technical and Vocational Education and Training College, it was the best decision I ever made. This is where I had the best education. My lecturers instilled in me Knowledge of power, the importance of education and optimum usage of time at one’s disposal. In 2014 I graduated for my diploma in Cosmetology. This served as a stepping stone to greener pastures and greater opportunities for me.

I am working for one of the biggest companies worldwide, Steiner. I am working on board of a cruise liner on the on board SPA. The first ship I worked on was Emerald Princess where I worked for nine months as a therapist. The ship cruised Houston, Texas and crossed over to Europe. The best places you can think of, I did my shopping there – Barcelona, Turkey and Italy to mention but a few.

My second year into the job I joined the Grand Princess as a massage therapist. After three months I was promoted to Senior Therapist. This was the most challenging position as it came with increased responsibilities. We cruised Portland as well, where I was given the opportunity to go to the NBA. Before my contract ended I was again promoted to SPA manager in Miami where I got paid in dollars while on training.

I always want to see myself excelling in life. I put God first in everything I do. I serve an amazing God. The overall experience was amazing. Working in a very busy SPA on a cruise ship is very challenging. One’s appearance and how you treat people is of paramount importance. I worked with forty four (44) nationalities and had to adapt to different personalities and cultures. At first I struggled but with time I became a better, mature version of myself. I met amazing people who became my family. My word of encouragement to others: It all starts with you. Plan, set goals, drive yourself, push yourself and believe in yourself. Always have something to work towards. Never give up on anything. My sincere gratitude to my lecturers – Mesdames Dames, Howell, Fourie, Eynon and Kaufman. They played a vital role in my student life. I would like to thank you for your patience, time and dedication. You saw potential in every student entrusted on you. You played the role of our parents at the college and took good care of us. I’ll forever be grateful to you. I love and appreciate all of you.”
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